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Studio in the Attic

PL Architects designed their own studio within a formerly disused attic space in an historic quarter of Poznan. They sought to maximize the space and reveal its character to provide an inspirational working environment whilst allowing their clients to experience our style of architecture and design.

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The attics original wooden rafters have been expressed by designing a physical separation between themselves and new divisions within the space. This separation is emphasized by introducing flush white walls, cabinetry and office furniture creating a clear contrast between the old and new. The architects introduced 17 windows to provide the previously dark attic with a world of natural light and view of the neighborhood beyond the rooftops. A second level storage area is accessible by a sliding steel staircase that can be moved aside when not in use. Nothing in the office is pretending to be anything else; what we see is either our modern work or the building's original construction. 

Photos by: Monika Kuszynska

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