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Movet Office

Movet is a company that literally originated in a garage. Today, the Movet brand is eponymous with outstanding competence in the field of conveyor belt technology. Because the capacity of the company’s rather makeshift headquarters had finally been reached, Studio Alexander Fehre was commissioned to design a new and more representative 200 sqm office space with an adjoining warehouse of another 200sqm. The solution is a clever combination of different areas, so as to accommodate the diverse range of requirements in a limited space while retaining a spacious feel. The result is the ‘Movet Workshop’, which forms the epicentre of the space and functions as conference room, office kitchen and showroom in one. Contained behind an airy metal mesh façade, customers and visitors are welcomed here in the very heart of the office and thus immediately integrated into daily business. The new open-plan office structure communicates engagement, transparency and a marked team spirit – especially to the people working there. 

Photos by Zooey Braun

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Alexander Fehre