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Nova Iskra Design Incubator

Studio Petokraka created the „Nova Iskra“ in Belgrade, the first design incubator in the region of Southeast Europe, a coworking space dedicated to the professionalization of designers in Serbia and the region, as well as to establishing connections between the sectors of creative industries and manufacturing. The platform has been more than two years in the making.

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The space is an open-plan office-studio designed for coworking that gathers individuals sharing working environment. Lightness, simplicity and attention to detail are the main characteristics of the overall articulation of space. The interior makeover balances between intact, rough treatment of the pillars and walls, and custom elements specially designed for the space, all with the aim of serving the functionality of the concept.

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The worktable Denver is dominating the glass cube workshop area in the center of the space, watched over by the Kit Carson lamp are both custom-designed by Petokraka. Their luminaire Park hangs over the stairs which lead into the spacious co-working space, showcasing a play of light and form. The design incubator space is divided into two levels and various spatial units, which all together spread over 450 square meters. The space consists of LEARN and MEET (multifunctional space, library and lounge), MAKE (mini workshop), WORK (Design Incubator).

Photos by Relja Ivanić