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Rising workstations by ZECC

On a weekday morning, the ground floor of the Droste silo is empty... At nine o’ clock the big tables with computers slowly descend.  A fresh new day begins! At the end of the day the workstations disappear back into the ceiling. The space is ready for another purpose: a lecture, a dinner, a party, a promotion of a new product, an exhibition or an evening Yoga class ... Studio Heldergroen is in our view the example to think about the possibilities for other buildings of dual use of (mostly empty) office space...

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The team of ZECC Architecten, Heldergroen communication and Vrolijk as furniture designer started the design process where there was room for the different disciplines for innovation, discussion and change. Because of this collaboration a strong identity has been realised on the largest scale and a high level of quality in detail.  As a result of the dynamic space on the ground floor there a physical interaction with the organization of Heldergroen and has an attraction to its surrounding area.  The space is a pleasant and creative atmosphere to work. It breathes the story that Heldergroen wants to tell its clients: “sustainability and innovation can and may lead up to attractive and profitable projects. And communication starts with showing who you really are.”

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Three tables can be hoisted individually, which makes sure the space can be used flexible in daytimes and anticipates on several occupancies. The most offices are used only 40 hours a week, but in the interior of studio Heldergroen the possibilities for evening and weekend activities are considerably increased: Tables being pulled up in the evening creates the possibility to let out the space for all kinds of different inspiring initiatives: from trading lady clothing to biological wine tasting. Besides the new possible activities, the hoisted tables also provides the ideal burgling prevention.

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Studio Heldergroen has on three sides an all-glass facade. This shows the space transparency and provides a fantastic view at the water and the center of the city of Haarlem from the inside. The studio has one complete closed side, where all supporting services are included that are necessary for the office such as a toilet, cloakroom, kitchen, closets and server room. The wall has a functional classification, but looks sculptural because of the integrated benches, cabinets and ceiling recesses for the hoisted tables.

Photography and photographic rights: Cornbread Works