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Domohomo in Santiago de Campostela

The Estudio Domohomo office is located in a former shop that had been in disuse in recent years, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. They had chosen the place to develop their incipient profession, but also knew that the reform had to be governed by two very clear premises; on the one hand, the budget  was necessarily reduced and, on the other hand, they didn't want to give up enjoying a warm and cosy stay to develop their daily task. Delving into this second premise, the architects consider the wood as an optimum material to meet all our demands, both for the inner envelope and for the preparation of all the necessary furniture. Specifically, the front of cabinet that runs through the entire space takes special relevance, since it returned to the low a more orthogonal form and functions as a large container. In the end they got that part of its interior to incorporate a general volume, depending on the needs of the moment.

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In contrast with this smooth and straight forehead, the rest is defined by curves and contra-curves of white timber. Everything seems continuous and uniform, but is nothing more than a subtle game of steps and gates that, according to its opening, allows to discover new stays or, simply change the spatial configuration. This fact is by no means capricious, but it is due to a very clear desire. From the beginning, Domohomo wanted that this reform is not limited to their professional office but that could also serve physical support to other creators to publicize their work. Therefore, generated two distinct areas, where the most exposed part is unveiled for their  jobs, while the rear is deliberately more indefinite, well can function as meeting room, small classroom or venue.

Photos: Copyright by Domohomo